Respect for a certain architectural tradition and the love of high craftsmanship has led Scacchetti Engravers to produce, today, bells and button-boards both in the classical forms of the beginning of the century and for contemporary buildings.
They are created exclusively in 3 millimetre sheets of watchmaker’s brass which engraving transforms into refined and precious objects.
The meeting of expert manual ability and modern technology permits direct production of each individual part of the button-board.
Unique pieces, then, of an undying elegance, details that embellish the home and give a prestigious image to its inhabitants.

Scacchetti Engravers is capable of satisfying all types of requirements: in fact 75% of annual production is custom made to the client’s design.
3 mm. thick watchmaker’s brass sheet is used for our entire production of video-door phones, door phones, bells, mailboxes and door numbers.
This sheet is completely modelled with engraving, so you can obtain all forms from the more geometrical to the more curvilinear, in the sizes desired.
Further personalisation comes with the choice of surface finish: there is a myriad of treatments to choose from.
We can faithfully reproduce engravings of hundreds of personalised characters and logotypes, thanks to a computer with optic fibre reader interfaced with a pantograph.
All these aspects of personalisation, linked together, mean that a unique, original and inimitable piece is obtained.

SIL.IVA di Scacchetti Silvano e Ivano S.n.c.

Via Caduti sul Lavoro 10, San Prospero, Modena 41030 Italy Tel 059908520 P.IVA: 01011600366


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